SaaS Tool for Sustainability Journey

Hoshin is an integrated part of how our clients run their businesses through measuring, managing by proactive actions and driving ESG performance.

Get It Done With Hoshin

Hoshin offers SaaS solutions to various industries for tracking and managing Key Performance Indicators for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Performance.


ESG Metrics

Hoshin has all the functionality that you can dream of. Our Specialization in Sustainability for the last two decades tells us that each metric is more than just a number

Organizational Hierarchies

Hoshin places your business at the forefront of your people. We understand the challenges being faced by them on your ESG data and hence offer a complete solution that is easy to manage multiple layers of organisation.

Performance Levels

Hoshin has a unique feature to dictate the intensity of performance for each ESG metric. It’s a story that you tell, backed up with analytics, management and actions.

Monitor Sustainability Bird Eye View

View and analyze entire organisation’s ESG metrics using dedicated dashboard. Derive meaningful insights, foresee trends, and get overall ESG performance snapshots of your organization in just one screen from anywhere globally.

Our Net-Zero roadmap does not stop with insights. Companies that face sustainability problems typically do not have one platform to see everything happening around them. Hoshin supports putting the ESG strategy in context, long term planning, and execution to deliver impact.


Build a Stronger Relationship with Your People

Hoshin is a Saas Tool that allows you to select and monitor the ESG performance of your people, whether you’re looking to solve your decarbonisation challenge or transform your products life cycle management as a whole.

Highly robust and feature-rich, Hoshin lets you break down silos of sustainability data, access information on any device; desktop, tablet or mobile, to make better data-driven decisions by working with data in its context.

Achieving Sustainability Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our solutions are built on the platform, and are secure, scalable, easily configurable, cost-effective, quick to implement to manage your end-to-end sustainability journey with a simplified process that lets you manage, report, and analyze ESG data in one platform.

“On a single platform, you have got strategic direction, 3-5 year vision, performance management, dashboards, analytics, actions and collaboration.”

– Nitin Shah, Euroshine Jewellery, Mumbai

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